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Frequently Asked



How can I start my own Bomb Party™ business?

We’d love to welcome you to our big Southern family! Click here to see how easy and affordable it is to become an Independent Party Rep.

What is the cost to become a Party Rep?

Your Bomb Party™ business begins by ordering your Starter Kit–up to a $700 value! We also recommend that you invest in initial inventory packs up to $350. Your Party Rep will help you enroll and mentor your success every step of the way.

Is there a minimum I have to sell to stay active?

Reps must sell a minimum of $700 in personal volume in a rolling 6-month period to stay active. If unable to meet the minimum personal volume requirement of $700 in a rolling 6 month period then your account will go inactive.

How often do Party Reps get paid?

We pay our Party Reps weekly on their personal sales. They also have the option to put that money back into new inventory for future parties. We pay bonuses monthly, too. See the Bomb Party™ Compensation Plan (PDF download) for more details.

Can I grow a team?

Absolutely–and our most successful Party Reps do! While enrolling Party Reps is not required, we offer you all the free training, tools and mentoring you need to build and lead a team, if you so desire. It’s really up to you!


Will Bomb Party™ jewelry turn my skin green?

It’s rare, but it depends on your body chemistry. Rest assured, we double plate and coat our plated jewelry, to make it even more durable and tarnish resistant. Green discoloration of the skin involves the pH and oils in your skin mixing with the metal of the ring band or necklace, so it’s not 100% preventable with some sensitive skin types.

What metals do you manufacture with?

Our rings are brass and many are either double or triple plated with rhodium, but we also have silver plated and .925 sterling. All jewelry is nickel free.

Can I choose my ring size?

You pick your size when you place your order. We offer ring sizes 6-10.

What is the estimated retail value or suggested retail price?

Every piece of Bomb Party™ jewelry comes with a label that features the manufacturer’s suggested retail price based on the style, stones and metal. All of our jewelry is exclusively designed and handcrafted to be an instant collector’s piece.

Is it possible to reveal the same ring twice?

Variety is part of Bomb Party™ fun–we create thousands of unique designs each month! While our reveals are random, there is a possibility that you can reveal the same piece twice if you order multiple times with a Party Rep.

How do I care for my jewelry?

For the best possible care, remove your jewelry before you shower or bathe and try not to get your jewelry wet or coated with lotion or hairspray. Doing so may affect the integrity of the metal. We recommend that you store your jewelry in the box it came in at bedtime, too.


How do I track my order?

Thank you for your order! Unless you specified direct shipping from Bomb Party™, your Party Rep will ship your order separately. Please contact her or him directly for your shipment’s tracking information. If you have not revealed your jewelry with your Party Rep, you can contact her or him to cancel your order, too. We do not cancel orders that have already been revealed and cannot change the size ring that you are revealing after your order has been placed. Please make sure the size you order is accurate.

How much is shipping?

Shipping amount depends upon the size of your order and where the item is shipped to. However, the rate is always shown before check out, and is very reasonable.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Not at this time. Our policy is one shipping address per shipping charge. We do not split shipments to multiple addresses within one order.

When will my order ship?

Standard processing time for an order to ship is 3-5 business days. This does not include the day the order is placed.

What is your return policy?

We love our customers and want you to love your Bomb Party™ jewelry! Each piece is handcrafted to be high quality, and we stand behind it. Our return policy is simple: If a stone falls out within 14 days of your receiving your product, you will receive a replacement reveal within 7-10 business days, once the damaged product has been returned to your Party Rep. Your Party Rep must process the return and send a photo to corporate showing the damage before your new bomb will be shipped out to your Party Rep to be revealed.